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Proven Shortcut to Create Compelling Ads, Emails, Videos, and More!

You're about to learn how to quickly write a compelling sales message, EVEN IF you’ve never written a word of sales copy in your life.

That’s a tall order, huh?

Challenge accepted. First, let me say that your ability to sell is the single most important skill you can develop as a marketer and entrepreneur.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the customer. Don’t you think?

By the way, I’m talking to myself here as well.

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yes, being able to create compelling ads, emails, and videos using a proven attraction marketing shortcut.

Now before I reveal the shortcut, let’s talk about the structure of your message.

There are a number of formulas, but I want to keep things simple and stick with a classic…

A.I.D.A. Attention, Interest, Desire, ActionIt’s called A.I.D.A.

This persuasion formula is as old as dirt.

It still works, and it will continue to work for as long as there are humans roaming around Earth.

These 4 simple words are the “keys to the kingdom” when you fully grasp their power:

  • A – Attention
  • I – Interest
  • D – Desire
  • A – Action

Every sales message contains these 4 crucial attraction marketing components.

Let’s break them down…

A – Attention

attraction marketing AIDA A-attention

Your message absolutely must grab your prospects attention. Experts say that we get hit with about 3,000+ commercial messages per day. I don’t know if this number is accurate, but I do know it’s a heckuva lot.

Among email, TV, radio, Facebook, banners, ads, billboards, and the occasional knock on the door…yeah I’d say there is an army of people trying to sell us stuff. All the time.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but the problem is we can only pay attention to so much. To make it through the day, we have to be able to tune most of this stuff out. And our brain, as well as our prospects', has gotten really good at filtering these messages out.

Unless…something stands out and grabs their attention.

Understanding how to grab their attention with headlines in your ads and subject lines in your emails is the first step to success in copywriting.

I was talking recently to a veteran direct response marketer who’s made millions offline. And he flat out said:

“If I place an ad and it doesn’t work, it’s almost always the Headline.”

It doesn’t matter how good your ad is, or how irresistible your offer is…if you don’t capture your prospect’s attention and reel them into reading or watching your ad, what difference does it make?

So if you want something to study right now that will make a HUGE impact on the success of your attraction marketing– which ultimately translates to your success – learn this.

Study how to write headlines and subject lines that are, as I like to say, damn near impossible to ignore.

I – Interest

attraction marketing AIDA I-interest

Ok, you got their attention. Now what? If you don’t keep them interested and engaged in your message they will leave instantly.

Here’s a little inside scoop for you.

You know all these video sales letters you see in virtually every market from health to money to stocking up on food in case of a nuclear holocaust?

Unlike with text ads or emails, we can actually track this in videos. And I’ve discovered that about half of all viewers, and often more, leave the page in the first 30 seconds.

This fact applies across the board – for every single market.

So that means probably half (or more) people who look at a written sales letter or an email most likely don’t make it past the first paragraph.

That is precisely why it’s crucial to keep your message aligned with the interests of your prospect.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an email, a video, a sales letter, or a blog post… if it doesn’t immediately hook your prospect into consuming it, they will not continue with it.

Spending time to come up with an interesting hook or story can do a lot to keep your prospects interested and engaged.

It’s a lot like going to the movies.

If the movie hooks you with a good opening, you’ll be sitting on the edge of your chair wanting to see more. And if it doesn’t, you’ll be looking at your watch, thinking, “This sucks, when will it be over.” Or something along those lines. 😉

D – Desire

attraction marketing AIDA D-desire

But it’s not just enough to keep them interested. Just because a movie is interesting, doesn’t mean you’ll go and buy something at the end.

You have to know what your prospect really wants. And show them in your copy how your product (or an affiliate product if that’s what you’re promoting) can help them achieve it.

Remember the old Zig Ziglar quote?

“You can have anything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

This really is the essence of sales success. Understand what your ideal customer wants and desires, and help them see how they can get it with your product.

Your offer needs to connect your product’s benefits with your prospect’s desires.

People don’t want to learn how to buy traffic, or create products, or write emails. They do, but it’s not what they REALLY want.

What people want is FREEDOM. They want to make more money so they can be FREE.

They want to create an online business so they can make money to be FREE.

They want to learn how to get traffic to their website, so that their online business can grow, and they can make more money, and get FREE.

Do you see that?

Your sales message needs to tap into the desire of your prospect as it relates to the product you’re selling. Your ad needs to attraction your prospect by tapping into their desires. This is central in attraction marketing.

Want another example?

Ok, how about weight loss. People don’t really want to lose weight just for the sake of losing weight. It’s not the numbers on the scale. It’s what these numbers mean to them.

What they want is to be more attractive, feel better physically, and feel better emotionally.

Losing weight can help them get what they really want.

And I promise you, that if you craft your message in a way that shows your prospect how they can get what they REALLY want, you’ll get a lot more sales.

A – Action

attraction marketing AIDA A-action

Finally, the last step is about getting them to take action.

You got their attention.

You kept them interested.

Your message pushed enough hot buttons to hit their desires through attraction marketing.

Now it’s time to ask for the sale.

If you’ve done a good job leading up to this point, they should be very motivated to take action. However, you still need to tell what the next step is. Because some people will not do anything until you actually tell them exactly WHAT they need to do.

And I can’t tell how many marketers and salespeople skip this step. I’ve seen it first hand when I was in direct sales and training people. They would beat around the bush, asking prospects stupid things like…“What did you think?”


When it’s time to take action…

You need to tell your prospect exactly what to do!

attraction marketingAnd it’s really simple.

You just tell people what they need to do.

  • Click here to get started right now. (That’s a simple way to do it.)

You can add a little more excitement by saying something like:

  • If you’re ready to get started on the road to ________ (whatever their desire is), click here to enter your payment details and you’ll have instant access to _______ (your product)

The reason you need to tell people what to do is because people tend to procrastinate. And the brain is lazy. You don’t want to leave things to chance.

Don’t make them struggle trying to figure out what to do. That sounds kind of weird, but I’m telling you, I’ve seen plenty of websites where I read the letter and then I have to look for how to order.

Make it brain dead simple for them to click the order button.

So there you have it.

A.I.D.A. are the basic building blocks of constructing a persuasive and compelling sales message that can help you create lots of financial success in your life.

This is a simple attraction marketing formula to ALWAYS keep in mind when you think about the structure of your sales message.

So how do you use it to write a compelling sales message?

attraction marketingDon’t worry, I didn’t forget about the shortcut.

Here it goes.

You simply copy other successful ads.

(Now, before you go and do that, let me explain…)

Copy is actually the wrong word.

The right one is swipe. Because we are NOT copying the ads.

But we’re swiping ideas for inspiration.

You see, there has already been a lot of very, very good sales copy written. Lots of “skull sweat” went into it. And these blockbuster sales letters have created millions of dollars in sales. Some tens of millions from a single letter.

And you can use their copy as a template for creating your own.

Let’s look at headlines first…

One of the most famous sales letters ever written used the following headline:

Do You Make These Mistakes In English?

This letter worked so well that it ran for 40 years, and although many copywriters tried, nobody could beat it.

How could you swipe this headline and apply it to your product?

Here are some examples:

  • Do You Make These Mistakes With Your _________
  • Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Emails?
  • Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Blog?
  • Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Facebook Ads?
  • Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Videos?
  • Do You Make These Nutritional Mistakes?

You could even make it stronger by adding a number and an emotional power word.

  • Do You Make These 5 Sales-Killing Mistakes With Your Emails?

See how that works?

Here’s another classic:

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Yes, that was the headline for the ad which sold the famous Dale Carnegie book.

You can swipe it and apply it to just about any product.

  • How to _______
  • How to Write Killer Emails That Create Sales
  • How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy
  • How to Create Facebook Ads and Flood Your Website with Laser-Targeted Traffic
  • How to Ethically Swipe Sales Letters and Create Your Own Compelling Ads, Emails and Videos

When it comes time to creating your sales message, there’s no need to sweat bullets.

Get yourself a swipe file of classic ads and sales letters

attraction marketingAnd see how you can tweak those headlines to fit what you sell.

Let’s take this a step further.

Headlines are good, but what about the rest of the ad? (Interest, Desire, Action)

Here’s a proven opening you’ll see used a lot in classic sales letters.

  • If you’d like to know how to ________
  • If you’d like to know how to start losing weight quickly…
  • If you’d like to know how to start making money with your own online business…
  • If you’d like to know how to create Facebook ads that grab your ideal prospect’s attention and get them to click…
  • If you’d like to know how to write compelling sales letters in no time flat…

This is why my office is overflowing with swipe files. I study how other successful letters are written and look at how I can apply some of their structure.

My secret is out! 😉 

But it’s actually not mine, and it’s no secret. Every single copywriter does it.

So if you want to start cranking out compelling copy quickly, I suggest you start building your own swipe file of ads, emails and videos.

Most of the work has already been done for you.

Speaking of which…

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Vitaly Grinblat
Chief Copywriter & Director of Monetization
Attraction Marketing


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