Our Story

In 2005, Mike Dillard started a revolution… he started an education company and self published a book, both named “Magnetic Sponsoring”, which disrupted the network marketing profession and ushered in a new era of digital network marketing.

In the Magnetic Sponsoring book, Mike coined the phrase ‘attraction marketing’, to convey the essence of how this was different from how network marketing had been done in the past. “Becoming the hunted, instead of the hunter.”

In 2006, he joined forces with his mentor, Tim Erway. Together, they helped transform struggling network marketers into 6, 7 and 8-figure success stories and transformed the businesses of already successful network marketers, helping them transition their businesses and brands online. In 2010, Mike decided to retire from the network marketing industry, and Tim Erway took over the company operations.

One of their earlier students was an MIT educated aerospace engineer, Ferny Ceballos, who desperately wanted to ditch the rat race. By learning attraction marketing, Ferny was able to quit his job in 2008 and hit 6-figures in his network marketing business in 2009. By 2012, he also built a 7-figure training company, which included featured the world’s first ever digital network marketing live event, the No Excuses Summit.

 In 2014, Tim invited Ferny Ceballos (CMO) and Matt Crystal (COO) to become partners in continuing Magnetic Sponsoring’s legacy as Elite Marketing Pro, LLC.

Elite Marketing Pro, to expand its impact, evolved from simply an info & education publishing company into a coaching and mentorship company supporting network marketers worldwide and grew by 700% over the following 4 years. Today, our organization consists of over 50+ team members world wide, all working remotely to support our students, as they transition their businesses fully online.

In 2020, Elite Marketing Pro officially rebranded to AttractionMarketing.com to embrace it’s attraction marketing legacy, as the birthplace of ‘attraction marketing’ and establish an official home for all courageous network marketers who are choosing to build their business online, using the most cutting edge and leveraged strategies.

Today, it is common to see the biggest network marketing leaders leverage attraction marketing to expand their influence, their following and organizations, yet rarely sharing the ‘how’ of what they are doing.

AttractionMarketing.com is THE PLACE where we are not afraid to have adult conversations on what it takes to be successful at network marketing, talk about the skills you’ll need to become a digital network marketer and mentor you through our proprietary Attraction Marketing Student Journey Roadmap on your way to becoming an Attraction Marketing Pro.

Our Values

A “WOW” Experience

We go above and beyond by delivering incredible value and exceptional service

No Excuses

We believe integrity, authenticity and accountability are paramount

Pushing Boundaries

We challenge the status quo by embracing change and developing forward looking solutions

Purpose Driven

We live our lives with purpose and work passionately toward our goals


We foster a community of fun, family and friendship

Life At Attraction Marketing