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How to Use the “Reverse Invite Method” to Get Prospects Asking About Your Business!

Social Media Recruiting - Attraction Marketing

If you're hearing "crickets" when prospecting on social media, then you need to use the "reverse invite" method to start creating the type of irresistable curiousity that causes your prospect to reach out to you, WANTING to hear more about your business!

Okay, so does this sound familiar?

You're constantly inviting people to take a look at your business—but all too often you’re hearing “Eh, no thanks!” ...or worse yet, "Um, let me think about it."

It's discouraging, right?

Maybe you’ve started thinking to yourself...

  • “Sheesh, I just want to stop CHASING people!”
  • "How do I get people to ASK ME about my business?"
  • "How can I finally transform all the actions I'm taking into actual, concrete results (like new customers and distributors)?”

Hey, we’ve all been there!

Sometimes prospecting can make you feel like you're spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast.

But here’s the truth...

The problem with a lot of "traditional" marketing methods is this:

Most of what's being taught these days simply doesn't work, which is why people will simply "shut down" when you start talking about your business.

So, if you'd like to hear more about how to create irresistible, "can't ignore" content on social media that will allow you to engage with prospects in 3 easy steps, watch the video below...

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Now let's dive further into creating the type of curiosity and intrigue that compels prospects to reach out to you, ASKING to hear more about your business!

There's a simple fact we can't ignore in this industry: if you're following the advice of an old, out-of-touch upline, you might very well be...

Repelling people rather than attracting them to your business!

Luckily, I've got a solution.

It's called the "Reverse Invite Method."

Every day, somewhere between 15 and 20 people reach out to me to ask exactly what it is that I'm doing.

They are, quite literally, inviting themselves to take a look at my business.

My method starts with creating curiosity.

It relies on making yourself so unique people want to reach out to YOU and invite themselves to take a look at whatever it is you're doing.

So you don't have to worry about finding receptive people, because you’ll have a constant, never-ending stream of people reaching out to you.

Now, you’re probably wondering how this works, what platform you use, and if it's free or paid.

Well, here are the basics...

Social media is where the magic happens

I focus on a lot of organic, non-paid stuff, although I have nothing against paid advertising.

You can use this method on your personal profile, your fan page, and in groups.

The Reverse Invite principles are always the same!

It all starts with a post to create curiosity.

There are two types of curiosity posts that work best:

  1. Text-based with a picture
  2. Live broadcast

You can start using organic, free exposure and whenever you feel you're ready to scale, you may choose to pay to advertise one of these posts.

So how do you create enough curiosity for people to reach out to you?

For me, it's going live—it’s my “go to” strategy for social media prospecting.

But you don’t have to broadcast live, or even do any kind of video marketing if you don’t want to.

Whether you’re using a basic post or a live, just ask yourself:

“What do people need to know about what I'm promoting to get them to enroll, or to move forward?”

The answer to that question will be different for everybody.

It might be one, two, even three things that people need to know.

  • What's holding them back or keeping them stuck?
  • What critical information are they missing to solve their issue?
  • What revelation or realization do they need to move forward?

Find those things.

Dig deep into whatever PAIN or PROBLEM they're going through right now.


Instruct them to take action to learn more

Maybe you ask them to comment “more info” on your post or to "drop me a 5." (Kinda like a high five.)

Maybe you ask them to follow a link so they can get more detailed information.

Or maybe you instruct them to message you privately for more information.

That's how you "reverse" the invite.

You lead people to the point at which they think…

"Yeah, this sounds like it will eliminate my pain and solve my problem!"

And they will invite themselves.

Now, here's a question I get often...

Should you share your product on your Facebook Lives?

And the answer is: absolutely, positively, NO!

That's the biggest mistake any new networker or affiliate marketer can make─especially when doing social media prospecting.

New marketers think it’s the product that gets people excited.

The truth is, people don’t care about your products!

They don’t have enough information to care about your products.

You have to make them AWARE they need your products first.

The secret is simple...

It’s NOT your product or service that makes you unique!

It all comes down to finding out what makes YOU, or whatever it is you're selling, unique.

How does your product or service help someone reduce or eliminate whatever pain they're experiencing right now?

As an example, let’s talk about weight loss.

People are NOT interested in learning how to lose weight.

They already KNOW how to lose weight.

What IS interesting to them is how your product is DIFFERENT from anything else they’ve seen.

What IS interesting is your unique take on your products.

Once you persuade someone to walk through your process until they say, "Yes, I need to talk to you about something," then you can have the conversation about why they need what you have.

Make sense?

Getting people to the first “Yes” is the most important part

You’ll talk about the problems they’re having, you’ll show you understand and can relate to those problems, and then you’ll tell them there's a solution—WITHOUT giving it away.

You’ll ask them to DO SOMETHING to get the information they want.

In other words, you’ll set it up so that they have to take action and reach out to you to get the info they want.

You create curiosity so they want to learn more.

And the best way to create curiosity is by telling a story.

You've probably heard that "facts tell, stories sell."

People in the industry hear that all the time, yet few people understand how this really works.

Compelling stories make people WANT to get onboard with whatever you're doing.

Some marketers can’t stop themselves from talking on and on and on about how amazing their lives are and how much their lives have changed since they joined their company—and it ANNOYS the heck out of their friends, family, and anybody else who’s subject to it.

So how do you keep from annoying people?

How can you attract people instead of repelling them?

Well, here’s another simple truth...

Your company, whatever system you're using, did not get you where you are.

Your company or product may be the vehicle, but YOU did it

So instead of focusing on your product, service or company, you should focus on yourself as a unique individual with a unique story.

Focus on making YOU that unique selling point so that people reach out to you.

It doesn't matter what company you're with.

It doesn't matter what product you promote.

YOU create a bond and develop rapport with people through your story, through your posts, through your Facebook Lives, so your prospects will say…

"I like Kate. I want to work with people like her."

The bond YOU create with people is going to take you much further with them than your product ever will.

Think about it this way...

When I first started, people used to come up to me and say...

"Hey, you've been with this company for a little while – how's everything going?"

I remember answering with a lie.

I’d lie right to their face and say...

"Oh, you know, my whole life has changed. It's going great!"

The truth was that I was thinking...

"This freaking sucks! I not only haven’t made any money, I’m LOSING money since I started!”

Thank goodness I learned to flip that story on its head.

I started telling the TRUE story about what I was going through

And when I started telling the truth about where I was and how I was, my presence started to shift.

Then people could authentically connect with me.

They felt the truth of my story.

People found what I was experiencing valuable.

Ultimately, the "big secret" is to come from a place of SERVICE.

When I told people my life was “amazing,” they knew I was BSing.

They saw right through it.

"Yeah, that's funny because you seem to be desperately harassing people on Facebook ,so obviously your life isn’t that amazing."

They saw right through me.

It came through in my my body my “presence.”

When I changed my focus to service, to asking...

 “How can I serve the people I'm trying to attract? How can I bring value to their lives?"

Suddenly my circumstances shifted—quickly!

The more authentic you are, the more you focus on bringing service and providing value, you become that servant-leader, and that's when people come and want to join you.

All I did was share the truth about my story.

I didn’t say…

“Yeah I'm making a ton of money. I'm doing this and buying that. Here are all my credentials about what I've done.”

I just told the truth.

"Hey, here's where I am. This is what I'm doing now, and this is what’s happening now. These are the results I've had. This is what's working for me. You can make it work, too. Let me show you how to do that."

It's that simple.

This is "Attraction Marketing"

This is how you can build your business online, without turning into that annoying friend who can’t stop talking about their products.

There are cutting-edge online methods to rank advance, sell more stuff, recruit more people, and make a whole lot more "moola" in your business...and attraction marketing is the key to all of it!

So if you’re ready to get started...

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You'll see the exact online business building strategies I use to passively attract, influence, and enroll new teams members into my business each month, so you’ll never have to chase, annoy, pester, or beg anybody, ever, to take a look at your products, services, and business.

The bottom line is that, in today’s age, you don’t need to be pushy, obnoxious, or overly-aggressive to build a successful business online.

So if you’re ready to get started…

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And if you found this content helpful, I would love if you shared this with any other networkers whom you think can benefit from a little leverage!



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