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How to Transfer “Old-School” Recruiting and Team Building Techniques to the Internet with Automation and Leverage

There’s a huge myth being perpetuated by 7-figure earners in network marketing…

Some of the folks spreading this ignorance are some close friends, unfortunately.

And the myth is this…

You can’t build your network marketing business online and create duplication.

Now, it goes without saying that…

Duplicating what you do in your organization is key in network marketing.

Without that, you’ve got no network, which means you’ve got no business.

So some top earners have taken to telling their people…

“Don’t go online, it’ll ruin your business. Just do what I tell you instead!”

To me, that’s just plain wrong and irresponsible.

The fact of the matter is…

I've proven and my students have proven, beyond any doubt, that you CAN succeed in network marketing online.

In fact, in our community, we give people the skills & ability to generate leads, prospects & customers in as little as 2 weeks.

Fast, right?

And when you add the ability to literally reach millions of people online, it’s a dy-na-mite formula for success.

In fact, I just got an email today with someone who we have been working with for a few months…

She wrote…

“The blog post has been converting faster than I can keep up with it! In fact, I stopped FB advertising to it because I had too many to deal with last week…it is really exciting to see that work. To date, I have over 120 new distributors in less than 10 days. The cool thing is I am seeing almost a 20% follow-through with those distributors selling products which is way higher than I was initially expecting.”

Honestly, there’s no logic to the idea that the Internet is bad and today the naysayers have once again, been proven wrong…

And I’m going one step further by telling you that…

The Internet is the future of this industry

27718-BlogBannerRequest-073016_400x400-03Truth be told, leaders in old-school network marketing need to “get with the program.”

And accept that the Internet is here to stay.


Because the Internet can make them money.

And because 90% of what you do offline is directly transferable to the World Wide Web.

So in this post, I’m going to break that concept down for you, explaining what’s different about the Internet…

And most importantly, what’s fundamentally the exact same.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll know how to explode your networking business using the internet and apply old-school tricks that created hundreds of 7-figure earners, into leveraged internet-based techniques.

But First, Let's Talk About What the Internet CAN'T Replace

27718-BlogBannerRequest-073016_400x400-05First, there’s no substitute for the power of live events, whether they’re training seminars or big company meetings.

This is network marketing, after all.

And networking is all about getting to know people.

Live streams and webinars are great, but they’ll never bring folks together like real-life meetings.

So that’s item number one…

Any active organization should have at least quarterly in-person meetings.

That’s how you build your community, help people bond and give folks that infectious, hungry energy you get from being around like-minded people.

The Internet can’t replace that.

Your company should have at least 2-4 events per year, which is what we’re about to start doing ourselves here at EMP, even though we aren't a network marketing company, yet community is vital in any people-based business.

As the old network marketing adage goes…

Miss 2 company events, and you've written yourself out of the business.

And I’m sure most network marketing leaders agree with me.

So that’s what the internet CAN'T do – you can’t replace big live events with a live stream or webinar.

Any seasoned network marketer will say the same thing.

Now, what CAN be done online?


The fact is, most elements of network marketing are easier when done online.

Let’s start with the most obvious one…


Traditionally you invite someone by giving them a call or meeting up in person.

Since fewer and fewer people communicate or answer phone calls, text messages make inviting easier and more scalable.

Not only do you get responses faster than with voice mail, you can attract and keep people curious with text.

This isn’t exactly an Internet-based technology, because SMS is what first made it possible, but nowadays, most communications mediums we use—FB Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. use direct or private messaging.

So that’s one thing—inviting via text or some type of direct message.

It’s not earth-shattering nor controversial, but it had to be pointed out.


When I started out in this business, I’d give people CDs or DVDs, which can cost a lot of money, if you are prospecting a lot – which I did.

I’d give that out and say…

“Let’s meet up in a couple of days after you have the time to look into this. Then we can talk about it.”

That was the hook.

The material is what got people interested enough to meet me again AND because they had to give me back the CD, it was added obligation to meet with me. In fact, I told them that the CD/DVD cost me money, so I needed it back.

Nowadays, being online, you can just send people a link to a video.

And again, you can use SMS, Snapchat, Instagram, Email, etc. to do it.

I don’t have to explain that this is instantly scalable, replicable, and doesn't cost your team anything.


Back in the day, you had to call a person, or see them in real life, AND give them the material..

When all you wanted was a commitment to speak to you again.

Today, in my team, we make the prospect PROMISE to show up on our scheduled follow-up.

Holding someone to their WORD can be just as powerful (or more) than a physical CD, when done correctly.

27718-BlogBannerRequest-073016_779x200-10 - Copy

Many network marketing leaders still recommend you meet up with people at Starbucks.

That’s cool and all, but it’s also REALLY inefficient…

You spend money on gas and coffee; you’re spending time on the commute.

On the other hand, a Skype call or a hangout are instant—and you can use them to network with anyone, anywhere in the world.

It’s almost as personable as a real-life interaction, and actually feels more comfortable to many customers and prospects.

So that’s element #3…

One-on-ones are easier with the Internet! Again, nothing earth shattering, but here's where it gets interesting…

27718-BlogBannerRequest-073016_779x200-11 - Copy

Traditionally, you see plans at a hotel or home meeting or conference.

Now, showing it is as simple as having a weekly webinar (virtual class) each week.

If you want, you can have more—and people will hop on to watch the presentation.

(There's now ways to automate these presentations too, which is an advanced technique we teach our members.)

Even better, LIVE webinars have video conferencing capabilities.

You can unmute to give people a chance to ask questions, and handle objections in real-time

If you’re smart, you can even take questions ahead of time via the questions box, to filter out the “Negative Nancies” in the audience, control the conversation and strategically address objections as you wish.

Unlike in real life, you can deal with disruptive people without anyone else knowing they’re there. Heck, you can even kick them off and then open up the lines so that the most interested folks can hear each other. Up to you.

Webinars also give you leverage in terms of time.

You don’t have to commute anywhere; you don’t even have to leave your house.

I’ve even seen people do home parties with live Google Hangout feeds, which is fresh because you can demonstrate many products like you would at a physical event.


When a new member joins an organization, they should buy a training kit that gives them all the information they need to get up to speed on the business and products.

That’s the traditional way to do it.

Nowadays, that’s been replaced with team membership sites where people can log in to access video training.

This doesn’t cost anything, and you can reach as many people as you want without incurring any extra costs. It’s a win-win situation.

Best of all, team membership sites can be accessed via iPads, cellphones, computers — any device, really.

So you’re killing two birds with one stone: making training kits affordable and accessible from anywhere.

That’s the power of the Internet for ya.


In the past, we’d go for in-the-flesh meetings at our uplines’ homes.

Unfortunately, this could mean spending hours driving there, and then some more hours going back.

Add the price of wasted gas, and you’ve got no leverage.

The upline had no leverage either, because he had to put up with people in their home, buy food and drinks, spend time prepping and cleaning up.

Now, live trainings have been replaced with webinars, so everyone saves time and money.

Everyone gets a little more leverage.

Everyone’s a little better off.

And virtual meetings (webinars), gives you the option of holding as many sessions as you'd like, as often as you'd like!


This one is huge! Today, you can use Facebook Groups to organize your team and business and even your prospects…


You can get real-time feedback on your team; all people have to do is type a message into your phone, and bam, now the whole community sees it.

Let me tell you, back in the day, I’d have given an arm and a leg to do that.

It makes building and keeping a coordinated organization so much easier.

From what I’ve seen others do and I personally do, Facebook Groups are the number one tool out there, and they’re very efficient and effective.

It allows you to see problems or challenges quickly, as they arise. It's not a place for people to gripe or complain – you make it clear that negativity is not tolerated. But a place to share, ask for help, ask questions and stay connected to each other.

Best of all, by building your community online you can stay at home, travel the world – whatever you want to do.

You’re free!

(And that’s what we're all here for, right? Financial freedom as well as abundance.)


The final activity you’re already familiar with from traditional network marketing is cold prospecting.

This, together with warm prospecting, is the lifeblood of any network marketing business—and everyone knows that.

The crappy part is, warm market prospecting means seeing your friends and family as a source of money.

That can make it awkward for everyone to be around each other.

If you’re like most people, this is a problem—because you don’t want to be “that person.”

You know who I mean, right?

The person everyone used to love but now tries to avoid, who won’t talk about anything but their business, who walks around with a hidden agenda in every conversation.

With cold market recruiting, you might feel like you're harassing strangers at malls and public places, as opposed to being a normal social being in society.

This, in my opinion, is where…

The Internet really outdoes traditional network marketing in a big way

27718-BlogBannerRequest-073016_400x400-04If you’re savvy, you can do social media prospecting for both warm and cold markets, targeting strangers and friends of friends…

Without having to be pushy, or even pressuring people who aren’t interested.

Now this takes skills you'll need to learn and not without it's drawbacks.

The good news is you can recruit without roaming around public places, or having a hidden agenda.

This saves you some time, energy, but more importantly, self-respect.

It also makes you look a hell of a lot more legitimate, when your home business is actually a “home business”.

What Only the Internet Can Provide

Now, all of the above things are online equivalents of real-life stuff.

However, there are some things that are unprecedented…

Meaning they don’t exist in traditional network marketing.

Here are 4 things you should know about, when it comes to recruiting or selling with online marketing…


First of all, some old-school leaders recommend you purchase leads from a lead vendor and then cold call those leads.

I don’t recommend that and cold calling is not a skill that duplicates and a waste of time.

The internet equivalent to this, which has far more leverage are “solo ads.”

A solo ad is different to buying a lead.

With a solo ad, you’re buying one-time access to someone's email list for the purpose of sending your marketing message, but you have to pay each time and there are no guarantees.

As a result, this is not a beginner strategy and requires having trusted relationships or you can lose your shirt, if not done right.

The following items are what I RECOMMEND you do take advantage of though…


Remember how the Internet allows you to send invites, materials, and training to people?

Well, today’s technology actually helps you automate all those things into a process or series of steps, so leads, sales & even new recruits come in automatically.

This is what we are experts at in AttractionMarketing.Com, because we find that most people don’t want to be running around chasing leads all day (online or offline)…

They want to make money from a system you set up once, and that’s how I run parts of my own business.

So that’s one thing that you can only really do online. This automated recruiting/selling process is referred to as a “Sales Funnel”…


Here's how it works…

You place an ad or social media post for people to see, you pique their interest, engage prospects with information which is automatically delivered to them, they are invited on a webinar and on the webinar, they join your team, etc.

It’s easy, and it helps you automate and scale even more. Now, the more personal interaction you have with interested prospects, the more people will join your organization, but you'll also have many join on their own.

(Now if this is overwhelming, don't worry, we have already built these sales funnels for our members – more on this later.)

I personally, fill my sales funnel with over 400 leads/prospects per day, generating 30-40 new customers per day and 80-100 new serious business builders per month.

This is only possible with…


At the moment, Facebook ads are the hottest, number one way to generate prospects and interest for your business.

Everyone’s on Facebook.

And using its ad platform can explode your business in ways you won’t believe, especially if you come from traditional network marketing.

What we’re doing online isn’t all that different from how things are done offline, and if you are a traditional networker, I hope this opened your eyes to the possibility of using the Internet to build their business.

The key thing to know is that using all this technology I mentioned, in the right sequence and in semi-automated ways, is what makes a REAL business.

When you combine automation, with the leadership skills and personal touch of the traditional networking world, you will be unstoppable!

It’s not enough to do one thing — you’ve got to put together the whole package.

You’ll find that 7-figure earners, online and offline alike, do exactly that.

The key advantage of using the Internet

27718-BlogBannerRequest-073016_400x400-07Finally, in business, it’s essential to track performance and create predictable results.

The Internet allows us to track performance MUCH faster than we could otherwise.

It also gives you conversion rates, so you can adjust your “pitch,” or marketing message, on the fly, if your sales or recruiting percentages aren't what you need them to be.

The bottom line is there’s no luck to business, especially in network marketing.

The Internet isn’t some magical tool that’s going to take a bad leaders and make them top producers.

It just makes it a lot easier to scale and optimize things you're already doing, in a different way.

What I teach in my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp is how you can utilize all these different technologies—in the right order—to leverage the Internet to your advantage.

You can literally automate over 90% of your business building efforts online.

If you know how.

Again, the “old-school” rules of network marketing still apply.

At the end of the day, you’re still dealing with people…

The Internet just gives you more efficient tools to do just that.

I’ll gladly give you my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp for free by clicking here, if you're ready to learn more.

‘Til next time!


Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer


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