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The Four Required Steps to Become a Top Earner in Network Marketing

It's time for a reality check, because there’s a “virus” that commonly infects entrepreneurs, and especially likes to take up residence in the fertile brains of struggling network marketers.

So to help you clear your mind, I'm going to show you how you can inoculate yourself and begin your journey to earn a spot amongst the top earners in the network marketing industry.

I know this might sound a little weird, but if you act on what I’m going to share with you today, you will see some very drastic and positive changes in your business (and bank account), almost immediately.

Watch the video below to learn more…

Here’s the reality—the truth—based on my experience, okay?

I can only share my experience; I can’t speak for others.

There’s something I learned quickly when I started building my business online, and that's how this business needed to become a lifelong journey for me.

Let me explain…

If you are here for the long haul, you need to treat your business like a profession (and not just a hobby).

Now, I want you to be really honest with yourself, and really own up to it, if you have been “infected by the virus”…

You gotta be willing to do a self-assessment and see if you’ve fallen victim.

Can you do that?


So what is this “virus,” then?

It is the expectation that…

  • When you join a company…
  • When you start marketing a specific way…
  • When you start executing on something that was recommended to you by your mentor or by a coach…

…success should just happen.

In other words, it's an “employee mindset” of…

“Just tell me what I need to do!”

“…and then, if I do it, I should automatically make money, without having to learn any special skills, right?”

Well, that is not the case at all!

You need to manage your expectations.

Otherwise, just like the flu or a cold; the symptoms will continue to get worse and worse.

You might start saying:

“Well, I expect that I should be here, and I’m not, yet so this isn’t working.”


“They told me to do this, and it’s not working the way I expect it to, so it doesn’t work, or it works for other people, but it doesn’t work for me.”

Can you relate?

Have you said any of those things before?

Remember, you promised to own-up to it, it’s the only way you can start changing for the better!

Perhaps you can relate to this instead:

So, there’s the expectation that 30 days into doing Facebook marketing or prospecting, that you should be getting the results like someone who has honed in their craft for years of tireless, sleepless nights.

Have you thought that way?

Or even having the expectation that you should have lots of success after even a few months of implementing a particular strategy.

But in reality, that’s not necessarily the case.

We all pay a different price

You can’t expect to get the same results as someone that has prioritized their business for the past year, sometimes even before family, or vacations, buying new furniture, or whatever it is, right?

Let me give you an example.

Think of a neurosurgeon and the amount of years, study, and skills that took them to hone in their craft, that is at least 15 years of money, hard work, and sacrifice!

If you think about it, wouldn’t you truly respect them and trust in their skill sets?

Of course you would!

By the same token…

You should respect the people that have come before you and have taken the time to actually learn the skills of our profession.

The reason I say it’s an elite few who earn their place at the top is because they have a way of not paying attention to those negative thoughts that are going through their mind.

As a matter of fact, they get on with learning and implementing the skills they need to become successful, in spite of those thoughts or feelings.

So, what is one way you could start doing that?

Well, having a robust and positive mindset is a very powerful skill in and of itself to master.

“Overnight success” is a very interesting phrase to me, because overnight success meant (for me) working 8-10 hours a day for 12 to18 months.

For us, it also meant hours of studying, implementing, executing and trusting in what we were learning from our mentors.

Not to mention, the years before we started seeing some success, before Attraction Marketing, where nothing was working out.

So, you probably know by now…

“Overnight” success is never truly overnight

So how did we become successful?

Like one of my mentors, Ferny said:

“Don’t put an expiration date on your success!”

If someone were to ask me, how long do you expect that this is going to take?

I would have said…

“I don’t care.”

As a matter of fact, I would have said:

“Whatever it takes in order for me to achieve what I want to achieve in this profession, and be and grow into who I know I can be inside of this profession.”

Moreover, another thing you need to do to become successful, and I challenge you to do, is change your words.

If you are using words right now like:

“I’m overwhelmed!”


“I’m generating prospects, but I’m not making sales or recruiting anyone and I’m frustrated”

You need to stop yourself, and change your thinking.

To succeed and earn your space at the top, you have to change the way you’re speaking and change the way that you’re viewing your business.

When you are just starting out, you’re wise to remember there's always a learning curve, and that other people have come before you, who have more knowledge and have mastered their craft.

There are always other successful people you can learn from.

You need to become an intentional apprentice, in order to acquire the knowledge, and network marketing skills that are necessary to hone in your craft.

As well as, continue to reinvest in yourself, because there’s always a new level that you can excel and surpass every single year.


There is always room for growth!

In order to get were the tippity-top is, and earn your spot with the elite in your business and become ultra successful, you need to make some sacrifices.

And those sacrifices, such as working for no pay (or even you paying to work) in order for you to learn a particular skill, may seem like a setback or like they’re slowing you down.

But, they are necessary for you to become a master in your craft.

The skillsets you are learning and your mentors are teaching you, are worth the sacrifices you are making.

They will pay in the long run, even if it doesn’t seem like it is the most direct route for you to take.

Therefore, it is important to come from the mindset that you’re going to do whatever is possible to soak up the wisdom of others that have taken the time to hone in their craft.

In order to build a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, which you can pass down to others.

You have two paths to choose between right now…

  1. The path of acquiring the virus of setting expectations that, frankly, are not realistic and not respecting what it took for other people before you to acquire the knowledge to be as successful, or…
  2. Making the choice to be an intentional apprentice to master a craft and learn from the best, as well as, understanding that if you master that craft and make the choice to study under the top, it will pay long-term.

Additionally, it will also create impact long-term, and this is what’s necessary in order to be truly called a professional in this space and earn your spot at the top.


I didn’t say get your spot, but EARN it!

Earn your way to the top by being someone who has truly created an impact in this industry.

How could you start earning that spot at the top?

  • First, you need to be aware that it will take time, and set realistic expectations.
  • Second, you need to respect the fact that others have taken a long time and sacrifice to hone the skills you want to master.

One of the main things that I can tell you that changed every thing for us was getting mentorship.

A sign that someone is on their way to earning their space in the elite few, is what my mentor Ferny Ceballos told us, and what he’s told everyone else that’s at that level where they’re rising up is:

“If you only do what I tell you do, you will not be successful.”

Write it down, put it on a post it on your wall and like tattoo it on your body!

Just kidding, but do write it down!

Listen, the ones who earn their space in the top, they earn their space because first they do what is recommended, they trust their mentors…

And instead of only doing what they are told, they accelerate past it.


Well, by testing and trying out other things in order to enhance the recommendations and then going back looking for feedback.

How should you look for feedback?

Well, if you look for feedback like this:

“I’m overwhelmed, I’m stuck. This is so hard, I’m really struggling, and I just can’t understand why I can’t figure it out.”

If you do that, you can forget about it.


Well, the above is mainly complaining and not really looking or asking for feedback.

You want someone to feel bad for you and rescue you.

But, if you want to become a success story like so many before you, here’s the way that you should look for feedback:

  • Here’s what I did…
  • Here is what you recommended, here are my results…
  • Here are the things that didn’t necessarily work this time…
  • Here’s why I think I got these results & what I can do better…
  • And here’s what I’m looking for feedback on…

Do you see the difference in that between this and the “I’m overwhelmed, etc., etc.” stuff?

I know you do.

Those words “overwhelmed,” “being stuck,” and “frustrated” need to be cut out of your vocabulary.

Instead, act from a space of respect, willingness to learn, and to put into action what is recommended to you.

In addition to going that extra mile.

There is a shift in the mindset of what happens when you act from that space and when you take action from that space and when you build a business from that space.

I promise you it is worth it.

I appreciate every single one of you who has read this far or watched the entire video above.

Your willingness to read this demonstrates courage

And a HUGE step in your business!

I massive gratitude for Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, Ferny Ceballos, and the entire Attraction Marketing team.

Not to mention, what they do for you, you guys have no idea truly what goes on behind the scenes in order to help you guys get the best education that you can possibly have.

So if you haven’t already, click here to grab Attraction Marketing's free online recruiting bootcamp on how to recruit people into your business without bugging friends, family, or strangers (and become part of this amazing training community).

My husband and I joined AM a few years ago, as a consequence, it was a game-changer for us, and our numbers don’t lie, having earned multiple 7-figures in our home business.

So, make sure that today you make the choice to be an intentional apprentice and know that however long it takes, you are on the right path.


Don't put a deadline or an expiration date on your success!


I know you've got it.

I know you've got what it takes because you're watching this video and/or read this post and nothing would make me more happy than to see all of you rise up.

As well as to see us rise up together as a community and really truly help all of us become successful, because there is more than enough wealth for everyone.

There's more than enough people out there that we need to help and need to impact.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Click here and to access the 10-day recruiting bootcamp.

With that being said, I love you and I will see you soon!

Kate McShea


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