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How Leaders Look at the Holiday Season (Especially in 2020)

If you want 2021 to be your best year yet, this is the holiday message you NEED to hear.

…but probably don't want to.

Buckle up, because we're going to share with you how top leaders operate during the holiday season.

especially this one.

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We're living in strange times

Many people are becoming lulled into complacency, after months and months of uncertainty, fueled by their desire for things to get back to normal. And look, we all want a normal holiday season. I totally understand that.

But regardless of your views on what's happening in the world, there's one thing that entrepreneurs do when times are tough…

They lean in.

Especially during difficult times.

Because even though we want to get back to normal, normal is NOT going to happen anytime soon.


Take our industry:

Normally, our industry grows during a recession

But this isn't a normal recession.

And unfortunately, many companies have shrunk and contracted during this year's economic crisis.

Others, however, have thrived.

The difference?

The companies that thrived found a way to adapt.

Case in point: we've had to adapt. A lot.

We've had one of our most successful years this year, despite the pandemic, travel restrictions, and the depressed economy.

But we've also had to work twice as hard to adapt to the changes that have been thrown at us from all sides.

Our 2019 business model is not what helped us thrive in 2020

And we're continuing to adapt, in order to continue to thrive.

Despite having a massively successful year, we're not just going to sit back and relax.

We have 50 people that work for us.

We have thousands of students all over the world that depend on us.

As entrepreneurs, that's normal.

For entrepreneurs, what's normal is adapting to an ever-changing world.

2021 isn't magically going back to normal.

It's going to take a while to recover from this past year.

So what do we do, as entrepreneurs?

Right—we LEAN IN!

A big concern is how many folks have been checking out this holiday season, saying…

“You know what? I'm going to take the holidays off and deal with 2021 when it arrives.”

Well, that's not what entrepreneurs do.

And it's especially not what entrepreneurs do during difficult times.

How entrepreneurs approach the holiday season…

I can't speak for everyone, but here's how I'm leading the way through this holiday season.

First of all, I am prioritizing my family.

Days that have “Christmas” and “New Year's” in them, I am going to unplug and be with my family.

But on days that don't have “Christmas” and “New Year's,” I'm going to be in front of a monitor working to implement my plan for 2021.

Days that have the word “Eve” in them, I'll probably be working a half day and spending the other half with my family.

The point is, for the majority of this holiday season, I'm going to be working.

Because that's what the nature of today's world requires of us as entrepreneurs.

Many of you have jobs and you have some time off, and the the kids are not in school so you're not having to worry about homeschooling, so this is an opportunity for you to lean in.

Here's what I strongly suggest…

Start working on your plan for 2021

And begin implementing it right now.

If you don't have a plan, find one or buy one.


If you don’t have enough experience to come up with your own plan with a high probability of success, then seek out somebody who can provide the plan.

Then, start implementing it right now when you have that downtime in between the holiday days, not after the holiday is over.

Because 2021 is probably going to hit us hard.

Somebody has to pay for the trillions of dollars that the government is shelling out right now to keep things afloat.

At some point, we will have to pay the piper.

You have to prepare for what may come

As they say: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

The way you prepare for the worst as entrepreneurs is you make sure that your business thrives, and you don't say, “I'll do it tomorrow.”

You say, “I'm taking action today.”

There are people out there that probably are not as advanced in their business journey as I am saying…

“You know what, I'm going to take the holidays off.”

My crystal ball says their future's probably not too bright.

In a moment, I'm actually going to share with you our best resource for getting started quickly.

It's a great way for you guys to get indoctrinated into “attraction marketing,” which teaches you how to attract your ideal customers and teammates.

But before I get into that…

You've probably noticed people looking for options

People are looking for “plan B.”

People are becoming more proactive about putting themselves first, putting their families first, and doing so by starting a business.

With so many new people starting to take an interest, you're going to have new blood joining your team.

And so you need to think about the example you're setting.

For a lot of people, there's this hunger and desire for things to get back to the way they were.

But an interesting thing about business owners, which is exactly what you are, is this…

Entrepreneurs have never identified as “normal.”

Our days work differently.

One of my best friends' family owned a liquor store, and it was ALWAYS open.

Christmas Day. New Year's Day. Didn't matter; they were there, running their business.

That's what entrepreneurs do.

Our normal is different than everybody else's normal

So if you're leading newer people on your team, you want to disrupt the habit of disengaging this time of year.

You want to get clear, and say to yourself…

“I have to get myself set up NOW, so that on January 1st, I know exactly what's happening in my business.”

That's not normal for most people.

Most people get clear on January 2nd, then maybe they take action on January 3rd, and then maybe they take action for the next seven days.

Then maybe they have to get clear again and by the end of January, come February, they're already saying…

“Well, you know what? It is what it is.”

I say, screw that!

As an entrepreneur and a business owner…

Fall in love with a plan that's not normal to everybody else

Align yourself with others who see life the way that you see it, and love life the way that you love it, and love your business the way that you love it.

The interesting thing is that when a lot of people are taking a week or two weeks off, it no longer looks normal to you, because you've surrounded yourself with others who are focused and driven.

Inside of this industry, inside of this profession, leaders step up their game.

There are proactive and there are reactive people.

Reactive is when something happens, and suddenly you've got to figure out a new plan to either get out of a potential problem or find a solution to get out of a slump.

Proactive is when you're actively seeking what might be happening next and constantly saying…

“What's happening in the next 90 days? How do I see new trends that are coming next month? And how do I take advantage of that leading up to it?”

That's what we're talking about.

Because I'm not a fan of using brute force and running hard and doing unfocused stuff.

My husband plays hockey and he always talks about seeing the “whole ice,” where you observe closely and anticipate what play is going to happen next, so that you can be ready versus panicking when the puck comes to you or skaters are flying at you.

It’s the same thing in business, if you can be proactive and “see the ice,” that's how you win as a leader.

That's how you win as someone who helps attract other people to you, because they see that you're proactively moving forward.

Let’s talk about mindset for a moment.

You actually can't work on your mindset

Your mindset is formed as a result of your behaviors and the actions you take.

The only way you can change your mindset is from the outside in, not from the inside out.

The more you participate in a certain activity, and the more you're surrounded by people who are like those whose mindset you want to emulate, then it starts to happen.

You have to take ACTION to change your mindset.

You have to be part of a community that reflects what you want to become.

The behaviors and the things you do, and the things you learn, are what change your mindset.

And having a PLAN for your business goes a long way towards changing your mindset.

You can't do mindset first and then business afterwards

They have to happen together, and it's all about the actions you take.

We all know we're living in “un-normal” times.

Therefore, we have to take un-normal or extraordinary action in order to overcome what everybody else is falling victim to.

Everybody else is waiting for their economic stimulus.

You have an opportunity to create your own economic stimulus and thrive with the opportunity that's available today.

Like we've established, there's a lot of people now coming into the industry, but you're not going to be successful just because you happen to be a distributor, you also need the right skillsets to capitalize on this unique moment.

Take our story, for example.

Our company is the birthplace of attraction marketing. We pioneered this space.

And for 15 years, a lot of companies and leaders resisted the changes we've been advocating.

And now this year, we are the most sought after people in the industry, because we have the tools and the knowledge to help people transition from an extinct offline world to a bustling online world, and our people are thriving right now.

Our people are crushing it, but only because they have the proper skills and the proper building philosophy.

Having offline skills, no matter how good you are, is not going to help you very much right now because offline is simply not an option.

You need to develop the right skills

Here's a resource you can tap into to begin developing and learning today's skills:

Get access to’s FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp and discover how to rapidly build your business online using attraction marketing.

You can start studying some stuff for free right now over the holiday season, and it will prime you for the opportunity that's going to be still available for you in 2021.

I don't expect our economy to improve when 2021 hits, just because the last digit of the year went from zero to one.

A lot of things need to happen before things return to normal, but none of those things are in your control.

What's in your control is what you can do with your business, the skills you can learn, and the people you can invest in and learn from.

This is a great time for you find the resources to develop the skills you’re going to need in 2021.

You can make 2021 your best year yet

A lot of people are going to be taking some time off right now, then they're going to be trying to figure out how to get going come January, February, and March.

But if you're still reading this, then you're going to kick butt and take names.

Instead of letting somebody else dictate what happens next to you reactively, you will proactively own your choices in life and own your investment in your education.

And on that note, I would be pumped if you dove into our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It is going to give you the fundamentals of how attraction marketing works, which is about attracting people to you, so that you can engage and influence them, and then ultimately enroll them into your business—whether it's enrolling them as a customer or enrolling them as a business builder on your team.

There's some pretty cool stuff that you can gain from this resource, and it's a great way for you to dig in over the holidays.

The really cool part is you can literally start acting on it immediately.

We'd love to welcome you inside of our community.

Life is going to happen, no matter what

Personal things will come up, family members will get sick, crises will happen; we all deal with these things.

I've dealt with multiple instances where my family needed me.

Crises will happen, but I guarantee it's such a blessing I can tell somebody I love…

“Hey, you don't have to worry about the money. I got you covered. There are other things to worry about, but money isn't one of them.”

What I'd love is for every single one of you, over the holiday season as you spend time with your family, is to know that you're working on a plan and are already taking action, so whenever your family needs you, the one thing they won't have to worry about is the financial part.

We’ve all got problems, but it's so awesome to be able to say that you have one less problem to worry about when those things happen.

That’s what I want for everybody here.

If you want to tap into this resource to prime you to make 2021 your best year yet, all you have to do is click here to access our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Go there, get the resource.

It's all set to go for you.

You can discover how attraction marketing will set you up for success in 2021 TODAY

So if you're one of those people, who's says…

“I'm going to take two weeks off and I'm going to enjoy it.”

That's fine; own it.

Just know there's a strong chance come January you're not going to perform like the folks who are taking the time right now to get focused.

And remember, when you find other people who work like you do, who are business owners, entrepreneurs, people like us, it will start to feel normal.

We would love to be able to support you in any way that we possibly can as well.

We’d love to see you in our community reporting your results and the actions you're taking.

We love people who are proactive, who anticipate, who see a problem and focus on solving it.

Those are my people and I look forward to seeing you there.

Now it's your turn.

Take some action.

Happy, happy holidays to every one of you, and more importantly…

I can't wait to see how you finish off the year and I can't wait to spend some time with you in 2021!

Kate McShea
VP of Marketing


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