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The Fastest Way To Get Your First Sale: Personal Invites

My Training Fast Start Training

NOTE: It is not permitted to send your link to people you do not know. DO NOT send your link to lead lists, or genealogy lists that you have purchased. That is SPAM and we do not tolerate SPAM. Also, DO NOT fill in the blanks on your capture page with someone else’s information. They must personally visit your website in order for the tracking code to start working and this could also get you banned from the system.

Attraction Marketing Formula

Hey [First Name],

I recently came across a really interesting strategy to grow my network marketing business. I've been looking for a way to use the internet to find good prospects and potential team mates, and I found it.

I just went through the entire guide and I'm blown away at how simple and brilliant this is. They guy who put this together even provides some personal coaching to help you get started.

Hit me back if you want to check it out.