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Video Marketing Made Easy: 4 Easy Steps to Overcome Your Fears & Start Marketing Like a Seasoned Pro Today!

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In This Episode:

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    Crush the 4 most-common fears that plague “rookie” marketers and begin effortlessly cranking out compelling videos that get leads, make sales, and create residual cash-flow for your business
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    Snag the top equipment you need to quickly and easily shoot rapport-building, prospect-persuading videos, for only $40 (or less!)
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    Use absolutely free editing software to create high quality, branded videos that establish insta-credibility and authority in your niche (Hint: this is how you leverage the “celebrity effect”)
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    Pump out videos 24/7 with the “Video Blitz Formula” so you can easily point, shoot, edit, and upload – creating an automated lead-gen machine, all in less than 30 minutes per day!

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