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Facebook Video Ads Made Easy: Dissecting the Perfect Video Ad Campaign to Rake in Leads and Sales … in as Little as 24 Hours!

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In This Episode:

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    The step-by-step Facebook video ad case study that pulled in an extra $229.50 in commissions in 24 hours and raked in an extra $1,035.30 in profit in just 7 days!
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    How to “double dip” and recycle your YouTube videos to make them wildly profitable in your Facebook marketing
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    The dos and don’ts of Facebook video ads (Warning: if you neglect ANY of these guidelines, you risk having your account permanently BANNED!)
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    A sneaky “underground” video trick that pulls in more leads and sales from the HOTTEST audience of prospects on Facebook
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    The 30 second video promotion strategy that keeps your viewers engaged past the dreaded “3 second window,” positions you as an authority, and helps you drive traffic to your site … for pennies!

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