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Give Me 5 Days And I'll Give You A Minimum of 25 Qualified Prospects For Your Business... Guaranteed!
The Live Challenge Has Ended!

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— The Lean & Scrappy Social Video 5-Day Challenge —
Let's Create Your First Lean & Scrappy, 'Low-Tech" Social Video Together And Attract Your First Prospects In Just 5 Days... Guaranteed
This Will Work For You If...
You're brand-new to video, want to quickly get results and don't know where to start
You're currently doing live video or posting videos but NOT getting results you want
You've tried doing videos in the past, but it didn't work as well as you hoped it would
You're shy or feel weird on camera, and want to create videos that captivate people's attention
You feel overwhelmed by the tech stuff and just want an easy step-by-step system
You've tried other trainings, systems or courses in the past and were disappointed
From: Kate McShea
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I'm going to give you the "missing link" that can bring you more prospects, customers and teammates in your business, without needing to "prospect" anyone ever again.

And I'm going to PROVE to you this is the absolute fastest way to reach your next rank, and grow your residual checks...


Without bugging friends and family...


Without posting about your products or opportunity...


And, without having to prospect total strangers EVER again...

If that sounds exciting to you, well it gets even better...

Because by following my very "different" approach, you're going to start growing a huge following, gain almost instant credibility, and tons of comments, likes, shares and messages from prospects asking YOU about your business.

And, using this unique strategy, I'm going to personally guarantee you will get your FIRST 25 new prospects in just 5 days (or less).

Here's What We're Doing
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1.     We're going to build your first Lean & Scrappy Social Video, guaranteed to get you 25 prospects in just 5 days (or less)... without fancy equipment, zero tech skills required, and even if you've never done video before now.

2.     We're creating a valuable ASSET for your business, that you can use on one, two or even FIVE different platforms to maximize the number of prospects you get. We have videos that bring us leads and customers YEARS later!

3.     We're GETTING IT DONE together. By the time we end this challenge, you will have your video fully deployed on at least ONE platform, and you WILL get a minimum of 25 prospects.

Here's Exactly What You Can Expect
In Our 5 Days Together
We're going to get started on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021. Just as soon as you register, you'll receive an invite to our private Facebook group and all the details for the class.

If you're unable to attend live, don't sweat it. We'll be recording and posting the videos inside a private group, so you can get access to them at any time, and your access will NEVER expire.

Day 1
The Lean & Scrappy Studio
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This is the "minimum viable" gear you'll need to get through this challenge. The good news, is you probably have everything you need, and if not, you can find it at your local store.

We'll also lay out the "master plan" for this challenge, so you'll see how one Lean & Scrappy Social Video done right, can get you better results then if you were to approach 1000's of strangers.

Day 2
Launch Your Brand
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You'll learn how to quickly and easily set up your profile on "The Big 4" social video networks to maximize your credibility and trust.

Plus, I'll show you how to structure a simple one-sentence bio that will attract your best prospects. Then, we'll walk through how to set up your brand graphics with free simple tools. No tech skills needed!

Day 3
Lean & Scrappy Video Frameworks
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This is the "secret sauce" that makes everything profoundly simple, because there's no need to memorize scripts, and no teleprompters needed.

Not only that, when you follow this process and language pattern I'm going to show you, it will make your videos irresistibly compelling because you'll learn how to channel your prospects desire, without doing any kind of selling at all.

Day 4
Ready... Set...
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We'll kick off this day with the Video Charisma Crash Course, which is all about how to boost your camera presence in an authentic way that fits your unique style. This works no matter how old or young you are. It doesn't matter if you're outgoing, or you're an introvert and being on camera totally freaks you out.

We're going to make the 'scary' part easy and after a few times, it will feel totally natural and even fun!

Day 5
 The Multi-Channel Blitz Formula
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Now that you have your video, you'll see how you can quickly transform it into an asset, that continues to bring you prospects day in and day out.

Then, I'm going to show you how to use "social video framework" to distribute your Lean & Scrappy Social Video across multiple networks, so you can maximize your reach and ramp up your lead flow.

How We Will Teach You
We'll be meeting together for 5 days LIVE inside of our Facebook group, where you'll be looking over my shoulder, as I walk you through each step of the process.

You'll get everything you need to implement and actually GET THIS STUFF DONE. So you'll leave this challenge with a new skill you can duplicate and repeat this strategy anytime you want.

You will get access to a special members-only FB group that we're setting up specifically for this challenge, so you'll have support, accountability and help from my team and I (as well as your fellow challengers).

I'm going to show you exactly how I do this, by actually doing it LIVE. You'll literally see me create my Lean & Scrappy Social Video and watch me get REAL TIME RESULTS.

You Will Get A Minimum Of 25 Prospects, Or Your Admission Is Free!
I know what I'm going to show you in our 5 days together can work for you. That's why I'm removing all of the risk and giving you every reason to say YES to the Lean & Scrappy Social Video Challenge by giving you my best guarantee ever.

And here it is...

I want you to take this 5-day challenge, and go through the steps. Put everything to work and set up your first Lean & Scrappy Social Video. I want you to start seeing how this can work for yourself.

If you're not well on your way to generating your first 25 prospects...

If you're not blown away by the results you're getting...

Or, if you don't absolutely LOVE it for any reason.

Just let me know within 30 days of the end of the challenge, and I’ll give you a full refund.

So literally, you risk NOTHING because you get to try everything out for yourself and you’re completely covered by my iron clad, no questions asked guarantee.

Try it out for yourself, and put it to the test for the full 30 days and make the decision for your self and if it’s not everything I said it was and more, I will promptly refund all of your money.

     Warning: You Could Miss Out... Twice    
First, you've probably seen the countdown timer on this page. When this countdown hits zero, the price will double.

Second, once we have filled up 300 seats, we will be closing this offer altogether, meaning you can't get it at any price.

Look... you've read this far, so I'm guessing you clearly understand the power of social video (when done right). And I know you want to put this method to work for you fast, which is exactly why I created this challenge.

So register right now, lock in your seat (and your savings) today while you still can.

What Your Fellow Challengers Are Already Saying About This Upcoming Challenge...
"I'm very excited to be a part of this group... 

I'm here to learn more techniques... increase our skills and ways to build our video presence online"
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Tracey Brown
Long Beach, CA
"I joined this challenge... to find strategies to improve my business.

This is one way we can learn together and reach out goals in life and in business.  I can't wait to see the outcome and results from everyone!"
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Fred Holmes
Daytona, FL
"I'm super excited...

I've been using social media, but I haven't dove in just yet... I'm looking to rip the band-aid... and do a little something different! Looking fowardto it!"
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Jessica "JLo" Perez
Tampa, FL
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"I've learned that I kinda of stink at social media... My kids make laugh at me!

 I'm here to learn how do this effectively, efficiently and make them a little more fun!"
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Shelley Waller
Bloomington, IL
"I've been an entertainer all of my life... but videos are not the same as a live show...

I need to get REALLY GOOD at video... without risk, there's no reward!"
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Tom Sikorski
Cumming, GA
"I want to do videos and make myself more accountable...

Plus I want to learn how to do reels and TikTok videos "
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Debbie Early
Port Angeles, WA
What Value And Action Your Fellow Challengers Are Already Completing Before Day 1 Even Begins!
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