Why Should Anyone Follow YOU?

mlm leader - attraction marketing strategiesHere’s a question that haunts many, and often causes them to spend months and often years trying overcome it… and it’s especially true for those who are just starting their network marketing career.

Why in the world should others listen to ME… or follow ME?

And that’s a very valid question.

I was actually faced with this very early on, because not only was I going to show others a better way to make money with network marketing… but at the same time because it was in the financial services industry, I would be teaching them about saving, investing, and planning for their future.

Now keep in mind, I was 19, and the best prospects were people in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

Even some of my relatives (not surprising at all), were pretty skeptical… like what do you know about all this “stuff”.

Fortunately I never let any of this get me off track and diminish my confidence.

Because I was taught early on that… “an expert is anyone with a briefcase 50 miles away…”

Think about this for a minute.

To the people that “knew” me, I was no expert and had absolutely NO CREDIBILITY… at the time. (it did change later :))

But to others, IF I knew more than them and could show value, I was an “instant expert”.

Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”… talks about the principle of “Authority” as one of the 6 major persuasion triggers.

When it comes to making important decisions in our life… WE ALL want to follow an expert.

And even if you’re brand spanking new to this industry… by simply going through some training, reading some books, and learning a few things about making money, business, and “whatever” your product or service does for people (which would be specific to your industry)…

… that my friend DOES make you an expert.

Doesn’t mean you know everything, but if you know how to help your prospects get to where they want to go… that’s plenty enough to establish yourself as an expert and authority in your market.

But here’s the thing…

HOW Do You Display This Expertise And Authority?
See, back in my early days, before I even knew what an email was (I think it didn’t even exist back then), you’d have to rely on your presentation, how you carry yourself and mostly the impression you make on someone in the first few seconds. Creating this AUTHORITY took some serious work.

Fortunately today, with modern attraction marketing strategies, it’s EASIER than ever.

In my humble opinion, you can be almost an INSTANT EXPERT by providing good, quality content and position yourself as someone who KNOWS what they’re talking about.

Best way to do it is with a blog.

There’s absolutely no shortage of information on any topic online.

As a matter of fact there’s TOO MUCH information out there, leaving most people confused.

And that presents a HUGE opportunity for you to create a hub, a one stop shop so to speak for people to find good and useful information… once again positioning YOU as the expert.

Think about it.

You search for some advice on (whatever), and you find tons of bits and pieces here and there… and then all of a sudden you come across some really solid article that explains to you exactly what you need in simple terms and gives you solid information.

Then you look, and the creator of this content has some “special free report or video” where he shares MORE secrets with you, and next thing you know, you’re on their list, and all of a sudden there’s Trust, Credibility and you view them as a real Authority on the topic.

Did this ever happen to you?

Sure it did.

That’s the benefit of starting your own blog and creating value added content for your market.

AUTHORITY… this is just ONE of SIX Influence Principles Dr. Cialdini describes in his book.

Here are the other 5:

– Reciprocation
– Commitment & Consistency
– Scarcity
– Social Proof
– Liking

By simply starting to blog, you already position yourself as an EXPERT and create AUTHORITY.

But by blogging the right way, you can actually trigger all of them and become extremely influential and persuasive, which means…


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