How To Get People To ACT… Leaving Them No Choice

I just got this letter from Forbes in the mail asking me to come back.

I subscribe to a LOT of stuff, and unfortunately don’t really have time to read all of it.

So recently I didn’t renew my Forbes subscription and they’ve been bombarding me with letters.

I had no plans to renew it and as I was just about to toss this one, on the back it said…

“FREE GIFT” with a picture of a nice black sports bag.

I actually tossed the envelope in the garbage can, when I saw this on the back, and…

… well you can’t just toss away a “FREE” bag, right?

So I reached into garbage can, pulled the envelope out, tore the letter open, (in my mind thinking, I’m not gonna renew, but I’m just curious to see what’s inside now) and here’s what pops out…

mlm copywriting marketing - attraction marketing techniques

Now I had no plans at all to renew it at this time. Not because it’s not a good read at times, but I simply don’t have the time and they just pile up on me.

But how can I say “NO” to a free bag?

So of course I’m renewing.

There are several very important psychological triggers and attraction marketing techniques here that you can and should use in all your marketing.

Let’s look at it shall we…


There was something of perceived “value” inside.

One of the greatest copywriters of all time, Gary Bencivenga said that… “make your advertising itself VALUABLE.”

People are quick to dismiss, toss out, hit the delete button the moment they sense it’s a sales messages or an ad, right?

You’re like that too, it’s ok, we’re all like that.


There’s something of value inside, and you simply can’t throw away something you think has some “value” to it… even IF they know it’s advertising.


The word “FREE” is a such a powerful word, and I’m sure you already know that.

But it’s worth reminding yourself, people LOVE free stuff.

Now it can be overused at times, but if positioned correctly, it can make a HUGE difference.

Like in this case, they’re not just giving me a FREE bag… they’re giving me an “Exclusive Executive Traveler” for FREE with my subscription.

Everyone likes free stuff, so use this wisely in your ads.

And lastly…

This is a BIGGIE, when you look at how they combined the 2 principles above, they gave me a “REASON WHY” to open and respond to this offer.

All of your advertising needs to contain this Reason Why element.

Look, people are BUSY.

They are bombarded with commercial messages all day long.

You want people to act… to click on your link… to opt-in to your list… to open your email… to buy from you or join your business?

Then you have to give them a REASON WHY.

And when you can make it strong and emotional, that is what’s gonna make it compelling and almost “force” people to act on it.

They have no choice but to at least explore what you have and go down the path you’ve laid out because this MAJOR psychological trigger is a massive force, that causes people to react on a subconscious level… where ALL selling and decision making is done.

This is the “secret sauce” behind hands-off automatic lead generation and the engine that makes the wheels of your online marketing business spin.

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Vitaly Grinblat

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AWESOME. Things we definitely need to be reminded of when creating offers. Thanks for sharing

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