Facebook Ads Simplified: How To Effectively Target Your Prospects With Laser-Beam-Like Precision

Facebook Ad Targeting - recruiting with social media

If you read part 1 in this series, by now you’ve created a couple ad images… pretty spiffy looking ones if you used Canva.

In part 2, you learned to write compelling Facebook advertisements, so you’ve written at least ONE decent ad…

And now you’re ready to deploy this bad boy and see how it converts. But, hold on there a second…

‘Cause without some strategic targeting, you could have the best ad the inter-webs have ever seen… and it won’t convert.

Let’s see how this works…

Alright. Now, you’re ready to start recruiting with social media…you’ve got the know-how for creating eye-snatching images, writing compelling copy that makes a “clicky” ad, and for targeting specific audiences based on their interests and “likes…”

All that you need now is a specific step-by-step instruction on how to put it all together inside Facebook’s ad manager…

Lucky for you… I’ve got exactly that, right here.

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Nick, Thank you for the preview of facebook ads.
One thing I found out about on Facebook when
attempting to create an ad.
The image required was higher than the image
I was using.
I only had that one size- 468×60. What do I do?


Great info about FB advertising as always Nick. Facebook is a platform who changes really fast. Thanks for keeping us up to date.


I have a business page on FB. Shoppers Emporium. I do clicks and likes but it can be expensive after awhile. I have no way of knowing if people buy?


Great video Nick. Thanks for all the value.

Question: When you say stacking the interests, are you recommending stacking like 10-15 interests as long as they are all congruent, or is there a certain number of interests/targets that you wouldn’t recommend going over?


Very Useful Video Nick! I just seen THE FACEBOOK POWERCODE PLUS too which is ALL You need to know about creating Facebook ads, but I have a question. Can you introduce the tracking pixel inside a EMP blog to advertise the EMP capture pages? Thanks!


What about when you want to split-test interests? Wouldn’t stacking be inappropriate in that case?

Don Hill

Since Facebook is a huge global social network, knowing the mindset of the people in your target market is an absolute MUST. When advertising in ANY medium, I try to think like the “average” person in my target market does – identifying what they really WANT, (which is often quite different than what most marketers think they “need.”) People are much more likely buy things they WANT than things they need, because of the emotional attachment that goes with the object of their desire. They typically only buy what they “need” begrudgingly (which is a much more difficult “sell.”)

Having said that, I really appreciate the tips you’ve provided in this video. Facebook can be a tough nut to crack, but once you know how to use their ad deployment console properly to target your compelling ads effectively, a HUGE amount of traffic can be generated from Facebook to your squeeze page to get them into your funnel. The best part is, those who click on your ads are VERY targeted and are what I like to call “hot prospects,” and are much more likely to convert into subscribers and customers. Of course, a great deal depends on the quality of your marketing funnel, but getting folks into it is what you’re talking about here and it’s solid info!

Good stuff, Nick – I can’t wait to learn more!

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