The Art & Science Of Writing Sales Copy

copywriting - Sales CopyWORDS!

They are the most powerful tools we have at our disposal.

Words have started and ended wars, moved men into battle, and brought nations together to fight for independence.

And using them strategically can help you sell more products, make more money, and get more out of life.

Words Influence and Persuade
And as a business owner, there’s no other tool that will bring you more leads, sales and profits, than using WORDS. Because using the right words that will influence and persuade more of your prospects to become lifelong customers.

When you know how to use the right words, at the right time, you can dramatically increase your income by selling more of your products and services. All using simple copywriting methods.

And the best part?

You don’t need to be pushy, salesy or aggressive. And one more… you don’t need to use hype.

For example…

Using nothing but words, one ad sold over $400 MILLION worth of sunglasses. Another, a couple Hundred MILLION worth of books. More recently, a simple powerpoint video, sold over $100 Million worth of newsletter subscriptions. All using nothing more than just words.

What made these ads and many, MANY other ads successful, is the emotional connection the sales copy created with the prospects.

Now think about what you’re selling.

Assuming you have a good product or service, think about the benefits your customers will reap once they buy it.

How will their life be different AFTER they own your product?

Got it? Ok, now your job is to transfer this excitement and enthusiasm of owning this product to your prospect through the words on your sales page or in your sales videos.

And the best way to do it is with an old, but tried and true sales formula…


ATTENTION – you must grab their attention.

Look, your prospect is busy. We’re all busy. Today, we get hit with more commercial messages every hour of every day than at any other time in human history. Between TV, radio, email, Facebook, billboards on the highway, and even an occasional knock on your door… it’s a DOG FIGHT to capture your prospect’s attention.

No matter how good your product is or how compelling the benefits are, unless you can grab their attention so for a moment they focus on nothing but you and your message, your product will be collecting dust on the shelf for a long time.

Which is why you absolutely must spend time on creating a great headline that stops your prospect dead in their tracks, evokes curiosity and almost forces them to read or see the rest of your sales copy.

Take a look at this old classic…

This is obviously aimed at women, who are concerned about aging. (What woman isn’t?)

Now doesn’t that make you stop and want to read the rest of the story?

Or how about this one…


You read this and your mind goes – HOW?

What’s funny is that it was written over 30 years ago and it’s still as current and curiosity provoking today as it was back then.

Ok, you’ve got their attention…

Now What?
INTEREST – you must hold their interest.

There’s an old ad with a headline that said..


But then it immediately followed with… “Now that I have your attention let me talk to you about life insurance….”

This is NOT how you hold someone’s interest. Having a great opening statement that makes them want to continue reading or watching is the next most important thing.

Next, once you have their attention and they’re hooked into reading your sales copy or watching your video, you need to build their desire for your offer.

DESIRE – is the next step in our 4 step AIDA formula.

One of the best ways to do it is with bullets. A bullet is a short and punchy phrase that emphasizes a specific benefit your prospect will get AFTER they buy your product. And a well written bullet fascinates, teases and compels your prospect to want to know more. And to do that, they have to buy your product.

Here are few classic bullets I pulled out of my little swipe file.

– How to hand down money to your heirs so creditors can’t touch it.
– If you win the lottery, do this immediately to protect your ticket.
– The safest seat on an airplane, and the scary reason why.
– The one place to NEVER store your gold: It’s practically an engraved invitation for thieves. Where to store for maximum safety and convenience.

I chose these really old ones on purpose. Because I bet when you read these, your mind is going – How… Where… What… You just have to know. And by skillfully extracting the most juicy benefits of your product, and turning them into compelling and fascinating bullets, you can quickly and easily increase your prospect’s desire to buy your product right now.

Finally, the last step…

ACTION – getting your prospect to take action.

There’s an old saying by Zig Ziglar… “Timid salespeople have skinny kids.”

One of the problems most sales people have is they beat around the bush when it comes time for asking for the sale. And it’s no different in sales copy. If you want people to take action, you need to tell them what you want them to do and how to do it. The more specific the better.

Which is why having a good close in your sales copy is as important as the opening. Gary Bencivenga, who is considered to be “The World’s Greatest Living Copywriter” says… “First, you need to open the sale, then you need to close it.”

So there you have it.


Grab their attention.

Keep it by making appealing to their interests.

Build up their desire with the benefits they’ll get after they buy your product.

And finally get them to take action with a strong close.

Follow this simple, yet powerful formula and watch your sales and profits explode.


5 Winning Headline Formulas…

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