"We became the #1 enrollers and top producers in our company without cold prospecting a single person."

- Whit & Cari Higham

Discover a Powerful New Way to Attract the PERFECT Prospects and Rapidly Grow Your Team with Social Media

This could be the most valuable book you’ll ever read.

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Dear friend,

If you’re ready to step up your game, enroll new people with ease, and build a thriving business…

This could be the most valuable book you'll ever read.


Waking up every morning to a steady stream of top-notch prospects reaching out to you.

And I don’t mean a bunch of skeptics, who wear you down with a million questions and end up wasting your precious time.

I’m talking about the very BEST kind of prospects… the top of the heap… the creme de la creme.

People who are motivated, driven, have the entrepreneurial mindset… and are EAGER to connect with others like them, ready to talk business.

The secret is to use attraction marketing instead of brute force prospecting.

It’s a simple but powerful strategy that creates a non-stop flow of new prospects... without having to pick up the phone, send private messages to strangers, or drop opportunity links all over social media.

In a nutshell, attraction marketing will help you...

  • Get more prospects
  • Enroll more people
  • Rank-advance faster

Tens of thousands of folks in our industry used attraction marketing to radically transform their businesses.

In fact, a whole new generation of top-ranking leaders built massive organizations with it.

And you can discover how to use this one-of-a-kind strategy to rapidly build your business inside Attraction Marketing Formula.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll uncover inside...

  • The secret to selling ANYTHING. Once you get this concept you’ll be able to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business. (Page 34)
  • How to transform your business overnight and quickly grow a massive team WITHOUT even talking about your company. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of Top Ranking Leaders.
  • The absolute BEST WAY to attract new prospects and add to your bottom line EVEN IF they never join your business. I used this to kickstart my list... got 323 red-hot leads… and even funded my first year in business within 3 months. (Page 30)
  • How to create the perfect “doorway” into your business and unleash an endless stream of high-quality prospects. I’ll show you the most effective way to attract a huge number of prospects and virtually invite themselves to enroll into your team. (Page 57)
  • How to get thousands of people to TRUST you, hang on to your every word and eagerly sign-up with you… using a simple email. (Page 77)
  • How to unlock NEW streams of revenue into your existing business. You can get started in as quickly as one hour and immediately turn it into ongoing residual profits. (Page 31)

And we’re just scratching the surface.

Here are some more business-building gems you’ll find inside...

  • Simple 5-step process to promote your products online and sign up more customers. 90% of what most networkers do FAILS miserably… this will make sure you hit the bull’s eye every single time. (Page 40)
  • How to turn the tables on all the skeptics and boneheads… NEVER AGAIN deal with silly objections and only connect with qualified and interested prospects.
  • Ever email your prospects? This is where most people BLOW IT… here’s the most important tip you will ever hear about inviting your prospects with email. (Page 79)
  • A simple laundry trick you can use to consistently get more people and pump new blood into your business every single day. (Page 17)
  • Should you lead with your product or opportunity for MAXIMUM success? The right answer may surprise you. (Page 39)
  • A little 4 letter word that’ll make every one of your marketing posts jump out, grab your prospect’s attention, and create a strong desire to reach out to you. This is the SECRET to attracting the “right person” and getting them to chase YOU. (Page 25)
  • A 5-step “Success Blueprint” to creating a never ending flow of high-quality prospects into your business and building a huge organization. (Page 22)
  • The single biggest secret mega successful companies use to rake in a large number of customers... and how YOU can use the exact same secret to virtually grow your audience and boost your bottom line. (Page 36)
  • The most effective way to AUTOMATICALLY grow your prospect list, enroll new team members, and get new retail customers. (Page 73)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re about to discover inside this internet recruiting playbook.

Now in case you’re wondering…

Can I Do This?... And… Will It Work In My Business?

The short answer is… YES.

You can use attraction marketing to get massive results in ANY company and with any product.

There is one caveat though…

You need to read the book and take action. That should go without saying.

If you need new high-quality prospects, and can carve out a few hours a week applying this step-by-step strategy… it will work for you just like it has for countless networkers we’ve taught this to.

Take Brandy Shaver. Brandy is a mom of six, who ran her own beauty salon, while building her team.

After watching people around her quit, and struggling to grow her business, she stumbled across Attraction Marketing Formula.

Here’s what happened next...

"From Zero Tech Skills to Now Having the Fastest Growing Team in My Business and a Social Following of 73,000 People”

I not only have the fastest growing team in my company, but I’ve also personally enrolled 6 top ranked leaders from other companies into my organization, built a brand following of over 73,000 and passively attracted 2987 new customers in 3 years.

Brandy Shaver

And here’s how some other heavy hitters have transformed their businesses using attraction marketing...

”I Hit the Top Rank Within 18 Months Without Actively Prospecting a Single Person”

I was able to become a top producer within 9 months of getting started with my company and hit the top rank in the 9 months after that. The best part is that I’ve gotten these results without actively prospecting a single person.

Bec Sadek

”#1 Enrollers in Our Company & Top Producers in Less Than 3 Years, After Years of Struggle Talking to Strangers”

We were the definition of a struggling networker - living in Whit’s mom’s basement with two young boys, barely able to afford bread. After downloading AMF, we learned how to quickly rank advance and become the #1 enrollers and we haven’t had to cold prospect a single person - online or offline - in 3 years.

Whit & Cari Higham

”I Now Attract People Who Fill Out an Application to Join My Team… Instead of Having to Chase Them”

After years of struggle to find the right people, I applied the strategies inside AMF & I now attract people who fill out an application to join me, instead of having to chase them. It’s completely transformed the way I enroll & retail. I’m now at the top 1% of my company with a full prospect pipeline. I get to decide who I want to work with.

Dawn Sullivan

These are just a few examples of many.

Over the years we’ve taught tens of thousands of networkers from every kind of company to use attraction marketing.

Some started getting incredible results working it part-time.

Others have been able to enroll lots of new people for the first time in their career.

And some have gone on to build thriving businesses with huge teams.

Here are more incredible stories from our students who used attraction marketing in their business...

Emma Jones
Wales, United Kingdom

I Got 14,000 Leads Online and Quit My Full-Time Job in 5 Months

“Attraction Marketing Formula changed my life. Since finding this training, I’ve generated over 14,000 leads online and was able to quit my full-time job within 5 months."

Karin Walivaara
Älvsbyn, Sweden

I Never Have to Do
Cold Market Recruiting Again!

“Attraction Marketing Formula changed my business completely. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t picked it up I would probably have quit. I love it because I learned how to create a business and market to my ideal customers. The best part is that I never have to do cold market recruiting or feel bad about myself for not approaching the waiter anymore!"

Leila Helen
Mbombela, South Africa

From Frustrated and Ready to Quit…
To Having People Reach Out To Me

"I was definitely frustrated, ready to quit. Attraction Marketing Formula opened my mind to new ways I can present my business online. I’ve been able to make sales and people are asking me about my business, without any hotel meetings.”

Evan Dimitrakopoulos
Thessaloníki, Greece

From a Big Fat Zero to Making Sales

"My first year online I made nothing, a big fat zero. After finding Attraction Marketing Formula I started making sales, building a raving fan base and even getting recognized on stage."

Robert Holman
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

400 New Leads and 21 Enrollments
in The First 30 Days

“I was a 10 year veteran who was BURNT OUT and ready to walk away from this industry when I found Attraction Marketing Formula. At first I was skeptical, but the idea of having people I didn’t even know reach out to me was refreshing. I got the program. Studied everything and took action. In the first 30 days I got 400 new leads and 21 recruits”

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Accelerate your results with immediate access to our professional Ignition Coaching program, where you'll get coached and trained one-on-one by a marketing expert. Someone who KNOWS how to get results and can help YOU take action, implement every step of the process, and accelerate your success.

Bonus #3 - Private Mastermind & Member Only Community ($197.00 Value - FREE)

We’ll be with you every step of the way inside our Private Mastermind & Member Only Community. This is where our members connect, inspire and learn from the most successful marketers and industry leaders. We want to make sure you’ll never feel alone, and can always get your most burning questions answered by other members, including our staff and a number of high level marketers who are always eager to jump in and help. 

Attraction Marketing Formula

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Simply shoot my support desk and email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment. No questions asked.

Heck, you can even keep the copy of Attraction Marketing Formula as a gift from me to you.

So as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Go ahead and order Attraction Marketing Formula right now and I can’t wait to hear about your success.


Kate McShea VP of Marketing AttractionMarketing.com

Ferny Ceballos Author of Attraction Marketing Formula,

CMO AttractionMarketing.com

Your Purchase Helps Us Fight Hunger & Poverty Around The World

As a company that helps build independent leaders and empower entrepreneurs, I’m especially excited about this initiative. We’ve made a commitment to support a very special organization, Heifer International, with every single purchase of Attraction Marketing Formula.

Heifer is on a mission to help end hunger and poverty by providing relief and empowering struggling communities around the globe to become self-reliant. And we are pledging $1 from the proceeds of every copy of Attraction Marketing Formula to this worthy cause.

Collectively, these seemingly small donations enable us to raise money, including the ability to donate a Gift Arc. This provides a number of communities around the globe with livestock, education and empowerment to people who need help right now. In fact, we've raised over $165,000 with this special initiative.

Heifer International helps families turn adversity into hope and prosperity. Which is in perfect alignment with our company’s mission and values. And I couldn’t be more excited about giving back through the help of this world-class organization.

Here’s what more of our students are saying...

Milva Sadek
Cremona, Italy

Attraction Marketing Formula Literally Changed My Life!

"I was looking for information to build my business as a real leader and I found it. I didn’t want to be the weird person trying to recruit her aunt or prospecting friends during a night out. I removed prospecting from the equation, and because I have systems working for me, I now have a lot more free time. Attraction Marketing Formula literally changed my life!"

Alex Rivera
Bakersfield, California

100+ New Leads in the First 30 Days

"With Attraction Marketing Formula we’ve added a new revenue stream into our business and brought in over 100 new leads just in the first month."

Eva Taylor
Indianapolis, Indiana

Rank Advanced 6 Times in 6 Months Thanks to Attraction Marketing

"I didn’t want to spam my friends and family, so I started researching why some people skyrocket to success, while others struggle for years. That’s when I stumbled across Attraction Marketing Formula, which completely revolutionized my thinking of the entire industry. After putting these attraction marketing principles to use with my new company, I got rank advanced 6 times in 6 months."

Melanie Kinch
Heinsburg, Canada

I Love This System!

"Attraction Marketing Formula was the answer to my prayers. I needed a different way to meet people without being gone all the time and that’s what I found when I opened an email telling me about this. Not only has it taught me how to grow my business, but I also know how to attract the ideal clients. I love this system."

Jayme Hubbart
Thornton, Colorado

700 Leads, Lots of Sales
and New Business Partners

"I have over 700 leads, lots of sales and new business partners this year because of the strategies I’ve learned inside Attraction Marketing Formula. The biggest thing I’ve gained from this training and plugging into the community is confidence in myself and my unique abilities."

Jenny Stevens
Sherborne, United Kingdom

These Strategies Helped Me Quit My Job

"Since stumbling across Attraction Marketing Formula my life has changed. I generate leads daily who come to me (which is great as I HATED prospecting!) The strategies I learned have enabled me to grow my business and quit my job. I’m now free to do what I love everyday and help others do the same."

Income Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in this system or any of these products. This is information designed to help you understand the specific information covered. It is not an attempt to render tax, legal, or business advice. We do not purport this as a “Get Rich Scheme”. This is not a business opportunity. How you use the information is entirely up to you. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with my opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although believed to be accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase.